Commercial Services


What do customers see when they walk into your business? Make sure you’re making a good impression with construction services from Palmer Construction Management. Spruce up your exterior, replace that leaky roof, or restore a historic building to its past beauty. Our commitment to quality means improvements that last, saving you money and showing your best face to the world.

We specialize in energy efficiency and are registered members of the Green Building Council. Our experts understand the weak points that can undermine energy efficiency and allow leaks, and will assess your property and develop a strategy that works for you. Our roofing expertise is unparalleled. We are certified experts in rubber roofing (including SBS modified self-adhering membrane and EPDM), historical roof preservation and maintenance, built-up roofing, elastomeric roofing, aluminum fiber roof coatings, tile and slate installation, composite slate, gutter systems, custom sheet metal, and standing seam metal roofing and are recognized as a premium installer of APP MB and EPDM products.

As a businessman with experience at a Fortune 500 corporation, owner Joe Palmer understands the importance of your bottom line. Palmer Construction will always be honest with you about the best and most efficient ways our services can save you money over the short and long term. And we pride ourselves on being easy to deal with: we provide accurate estimates, keep you informed, show up on time, and clean up after ourselves, all while getting the work done with quality materials and expert craftsmanship. Contact us to learn more about what Palmer can do for your business.


  • RoofingV
    • We use cutting-edge technology to give you a quality roof that lasts without leaking.
  • RenovationsV
    • Quality construction that won’t get in the way of doing business
  • Custom DesignV
    • Take control of your image with custom design services.
  • WaterproofingV
    • Weather every storm with a watertight roof.
  • Preventative MaintenanceV
    • Keep your business looking tidy and prosperous with affordable maintenance services.
  • Energy SavingsV
    • Lower your bills by “greening” your building.