EPDM Commercial Roof Restoration

This commercial shopping mall was in need of a roof restoration. An acrylic white reflective coating system from ARMOUR PROOF was chosen for installation.

The roof was cleaned with a special EPDM cleaner and primer to prepare the roof for the coating. Repairs were made with a base coat and a polyester mesh to reinforce all flashing and all seams on the roof. A first layer of ARMOUR PROOF white elastomeric coating was installed over the entire roof and flashing areas. A second layer of ARMOUR PROOF acrylic white reflective coating was installed on the roof. A final third layer of ARMOUR PROOF coating was added around all HVAC units to add protection for HVAC servicemen and to provide a distinguishable walkway.

This coating drastically lowered the surface temperature of the roof and will lead to reduced energy costs and a longer lifespan of the roof.