White Elastomeric “Cool Roof” Coating

This home had an aged APP MB roof that had never been coated. The roof was in need of many repairs due to a lack of maintenance. The black color of the roof was causing the roof to break down at a fast rate and a coating was needed to slow the aging process and to cool the roof surface temperature.

All repairs were made to the roof surface and flashings as needed. The roof was cleaned properly to ensure that the coating would stick to the surface. A white polyester repair mesh was embedded at all flashing details and all repair areas as needed. Two layers of HENRY 280DC White Elastomeric roof coating were applied to the roof. HENRY 280DC is a highly reflective roof coating that is Energy Star rated, Cool Roof Council Rated, and California Title 24 compliant. This roof coating reflects up to 88% of UV rays and is also compliant with LEED building standards.