Custom Mortar Matching

Whether it’s a small tuck pointing job or a chimney that needs rebuilding, we take great pride in being a company that is focused on getting a job well done and also giving you an aesthetic that you can proudly call home.  The resulting mortar should not only closely match the original mortar, but should also bond correctly to the mortar joints being repaired or replaced.

We work with older, newer, and historic Philadelphia homes, which lends itself to a variety of mortar colors. While this can be a concern with other masonry specialists, for Brick Specialists, this is what we do. We use the finest quality products in the appropriate proportions to give you the color you want.

Historical Brick Repair

Your historical home has a unique feel and personality all its own. Older homes develop patinas nearly impossible to duplicate with new construction—and that’s part of their charm! Historic brick homes are no different; over time, factors like exposure to the elements subtly change the tone and texture of bricks and masonry.

But historical bricks and mortar were designed to absorb and then release moisture. Especially in places like Philadelphia, water can seep into the bricks and mortar and freeze. Eventually, the bricks may settle or shift, causing unevenness in your historical home’s foundation. Chimneys and walls may begin to lean. And though they are incredibly durable, historical bricks begin to crumble over time because they were fired at a much lower temperature. They will become loose, break, and chip over time.

To complete these kinds of restoration projects and structural repairs, you need a brick specialist with unsurpassed skill and expertise. Restoring the bricks in a historical house requires a keen eye for detail and thorough knowledge of masonry.

Custom Mortar Formulation

The right mortar makes all the difference in the stability and longevity of your brick walls and structures. Therefore, accurate mortar formulation is critical. Our team of experts knows how important mortar is, and we pride ourselves on selecting the right mortar composition for each and every masonry project.

Mortar is made from a blend of cement, lime and other ingredients. It requires exactly the right proportions to maintain its integrity and stand the test of time.

Why? Mortar must not only bond tightly with the brick, but it must also maintain that bond for years to come—despite rain, cold, heat and even earthquakes! Accurate mortar formulation extends the life of your brick walls, ensuring that you get the structural integrity you expect from a brick home.

So many factors influence the way mortar should be formulated: current weather conditions, the types of bricks used, climate, and potential for seismic activity are only a few. For example, here in Philadelphia, we formulate mortar differently than we would in the tropics. As masonry specialists, it’s our job to take all these factors into consideration and use the best mortar composition for every project. We also carefully mix our mortar to prevent air entrapment, which can weaken the bond between brick and mortar.

If you’ve seen premature cracks, flaking, or other signs of deterioration in your mortar, it may be due to imperfections in the mortar mix. Our team can diagnose the problem and repair your masonry.

Crack Repair

Shoddy construction, usage of poor quality building materials, natural calamities are some of the many reasons which cause masonry to develop cracks. Left unrepaired, they can become the entry point of water, dust, insects, plant life etc. – and all of these can worsen the damage. Additionally, if you are trying to sell your home or business, all these points are against you.

We employ masons who are trained and understand perfectly how to deal with cracks in masonry. The most important factor is determining the cause of the cracks and therefore the most effective solution to make sure that the problem does not reoccur. We have extensive experience in employing professional and long-lasting solutions to repair cracks in brick.

Cracks need to be monitored constantly to make sure that they do not reoccur and cause damage to adjacent brick or masonry. Our experience will ensure that you get the optimal solution for the crack repair in your brick home or office.

Brick Replacement

Bricks are one of the strongest building materials known to man. However, over a period of time (many, many years) bricks can corrode and become loose. Often times, the mortar around it has started crumbling and flaking as well. A loose brick needs immediate attention, not only because it looks bad, but also because it can become the entry point of insect infestations and moisture.

Our employees are backed by a vast knowledge of how to handle and execute brick repair. While people often believe this can be a DIY option, brick repair is very labor-intensive. It needs to be done by an expert on older and newer homes, or you risk damaging adjacent bricks and spoiling the aesthetic altogether, leading to higher costs and wasting your precious time.

As part of our brick replacement services, we make sure that both the new brick and replacement mortar matches the original mortar and bricks on your home. We use bricks, mortar, and tools that are of the finest quality, ensuring that the job is perfectly done and lasts for many, many years to come.

Chimney Restoration

Chimney repair and restoration is another area we specialize in. Chimneys in Philadelphia often take a beating. Since they are exposed to the elements year-round, chimneys often deteriorate when exposed to freezing temperatures and moisture. Historic homes can be even more susceptible to chimney damage. Just like bricks, repairing chimneys is a tricky affair and should be done only by a professional.

We repair and replace the old mortar with color-matched new mortar, new bricks that match the old, undamaged bricks, flue tiles and liners, concrete crowns and caps. We are experts at isolating areas of damage and repairing those areas only, without creating structural damage or strains to the other parts. If we deem the damage to be extensive, rebuilding your chimney may be recommended.

By choosing us, you are ensuring that your chimney regains its lost beauty and original condition. A clean and efficient chimney will greatly reduce safety hazards like carbon monoxide poisoning and flue fires, and even help prevent heat loss on those cold winter nights. Ours is a cost-effective solution carried out by expert technicians in a timely manner – and they’ll yield you an effective, beautiful, and long-lasting chimney.